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Refinishing Your Bathtub Gives It New Life

BathtubSooner or later, a bathtub will start to wear out. That is definitely not a good thing for your bathroom. The shower or bathtub is the focal point of any bathroom and when a bathtub is not in prime condition, the appearance of the entire room suffers. Refinishing your old bathtub is a cost-effective option to simply replacing it.

Preparing The Bathtub

Bathtubs can become chipped or their porcelain surface can lose its luster over time. Restoring the surface requires applying a new coat of glaze. The surfaces around the bathtub must be masked to keep glaze from splattering those areas. A hydrofluoric acid is then used to dissolve the old glaze so the new glaze will adhere to the surface of the bathtub.

Refinishing The Bathtub

The next step is to wash away the hydrofluoric acid. New caulk is installed next and the tub surface is dried with a fan. A fast drying epoxy is sprayed to help the glaze stick to the bathtub. At least four coats are sprayed on the tub surface and the surface is sanded in between applying each coat. Finally, the tub is polished and will be ready for use again after 24 hours.

Hiring a technician to refinish a bathtub costs from $200 to $450 on average. This cost much less than simply replacing it with a new one. A refinished bathtub will enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom.

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